Hey there!

We've got some good and bad news for ya, so let's just get the bad stuff out of the way... We are TEMPORARILY not taking any larger wedding orders for the rest of this year. As business has begun to take off, we are overwhelmed by orders coming and completely honored to be made apart of your big life events and special occasions. That being said, we simply cannot keep up with the demand and are in the process of looking to expand our capabilities. With that comes one of our least favorite (and poorly practiced) things to do, learning the humbling art of saying no. However, take heart my friends! We are saying no now so that we can say yes later! The good news is that we want to keep growing and we want to continue to be apart of your lives and your gluten consumption! We have chosen to take the rest of this year off to focus on expansion opportunities, which are already in the works. And fret not, our small orders are still available while our larger orders are not. So if you really wanted to work the system, you could just order like 17 small cakes instead of one big one. Your call. Just putting it out there.

Thank you all in advance for your patience, and the love and support we have received from so many of you already! We couldn't do it without you, your impeccable pallets, and those sweet tooths out there. You know who you are.