our roots

Becoming Wool + Flax has been an unexpected, but sweet journey. 

It all began with empty pockets and hearts full of the desire to go on missionary trips. The three of us put our heads and different abilities together to sell handmade goods at a small craft market. With resourcefulness and little sleep, we stockpiled cheap pens that we dressed up with twine, bead necklaces made from recycled paper, fabric headbands, $1 mugs that we priced up after mod-podging clever/inspirational sayings on them, and culturally relevant hand-painted signs (there might have been a “Hipsta Please” sign, please forgive us, it was 2012). We lugged our inventory and cherished decor finds, a thrift store desk and wooden chest (it looked like it was from the Goonies’ attic), into our 8x5 space. We managed to put it all together by the skin of our teeth. With a collective sigh of relief and a freshly painted banner that was still drying (oops) we began greeting market-goers. Then the wildest thing happened; we were well-received and people actually exchanged hard cash for our products.

We went forward with this kind of fundraising, not limiting ourselves to what we would make. We tried our hands at pressing keys, candle-making, soap-making, and baking. All of this made it possible for trips to Haiti and the Philippines. These opportunities to travel to other countries and look beyond ourselves and our comforts have been invaluable. We hold the people and experiences very close to our hearts.

This coming together creatively to make and sell goods was supposed to be a means to an end, but it became an itch that we couldn’t stop scratching (that’s an unpleasant way to put it, I guess). It was our baked goods that made a lasting impression on people. So, by popular demand we kept baking things and we’re still at it (thanks be to y’all that take a chance with us and like our stuff). In the past few years we have expanded our repertoire and baking skills. There have been some mishaps (cake left in the oven overnight), but we welcome the bad with the good because we have grown so much. We go forth with good intentions and passion; for baking and aesthetic presentation. Our recipes continue to get more complicated (Earl Grey with blood orange sauce, really?), but our purpose is simple. To make flavourful, beautiful cakes that make you smile... and ask for another slice.